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Shillingford Organics – Exeter

Shillingford Organics – Exeter

Shillingford Organics, are a successful supplier of seasonal organic vegetables and fruit, based in Exeter. Numberite supported the network and infrastructure for a number of years and implemented their new IP Phone system. This system includes a Hosted Phone System, a number of phones and a new PSTN and Business broadband package. The installation included the owner’s home phone and the ability for the manager, Bridget, to access the system remotely, from home using IP technology. Bridget can now make business calls to the office free of charge and answer incoming calls for the business. Numberite installed the relevant cabling for the phones, made changes to the present network, installed and configured the phones and set up porting of numbers and diversions. When asked, Bridget said …they work like just as a normal phone, but allow you to work from home to make for free calls to the office..We initially took the decision to go for an IP system for the cost saving, over £90 per month, but are impressed with the call quality and functions….


Bridget Rendall

Office Manager

Mark Bonito