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Get a Landline – area code on your mobile…


Do you wish you could have a Landline number which rings your mobile?


Well with a Business Phone Number you can. The landline number can be used as an incoming number that rings your mobile or even another landline.


Most businesses set up using a mobile phone, and whilst this is easy and relatively cheap can you be sure it gives your business the right impression?


Likely you are also using your home number to appear established, but this can also backfire. When we set up the business 15 years ago, we used our home line and the day one of my 3-year-old daughters answered the phone to a client we realised we were not giving the right impression of our “Professional” services.


The solution was easy, install a new phone line, but hold on we don’t live in the same area as our clients so had to find an alternative. BT had no alternative other than setting up a phone in a friend’s office and forwarding the calls but did not feel like a good solution. We finally found “Business Phone Numbers” and were so impressed with the uses and options we found a way to sell them to our clients.


The Business Phone Numbers are a standard looking landline number which can be made to ring on your mobile or another landline.


The number can be in any area you would like, so as an example you could have an Exeter number but have this forwarded to your mobile or even your home Exmouth number. The question usually asked, “How do I know the number has been called?”. There are two ways, firstly when the call comes through you will hear a word or short phrase such as “Transferred”, “Whispered” in your ear. The second is that calls are logged on a web portal which logs all the forwarded calls and can record them if required.


Why not give us a call on 01392 241666 and ask to see what other benefits Business Phone Numbers can bring to your business.

Mark Bonito
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